Five Marmite Lincoln City Players

Ben Tomlinson

Thought we’d start with a player I consider to be a top striker who suffered from being in an average side. Ben Tomlinson signalled a steep change in Lincoln’s recruitment for a while, he was the first striker we’d attracted from a National League rival and reflective of Gary Simpson’s brave new world.

Any three Imps fans will likely feature one that rates him, one that hates him and one that is indifferent. I liked him, sure he was too aggressive and picked up far too many cards, but he scored goals. More often than not he was played out wide when he should always have been through the centre.

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Those who didn’t rate him will call him a big fish in a little pond, referring perhaps to the way he left us for Barnet and then flopped. There were rumours of a disruptive attitude behind the scenes too, but does any of that change the fact he scored goals for us when we needed them?

He bagged 32 times in 78 starts for us, including 18 in one season and a hat trick against Halifax at Sincil Bank. I can’t understand how anyone could possibly call him overrated, but there’s going to be someone out there who thinks he was rubbish. What’s your opinion?

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