Five Marmite Lincoln City Players

Marcus Richardson

Here’s another I thought always put a shift in, but who also has some fans scratching their heads wondering what his actual input was. Marcus Richardson was one of those players who impressed on loan, joined and then instantly divide fans opinion.

He had two loan spells with us, scoring four in 12 in the league first time out, then coming back with five goal-free games. Keith managed to snare him permanently, after which he scored nine in 37. The scoring record isn’t brilliant, that I’ll grant you, but he offered as much to the Imps as Ollie Palmer ever did.

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Who can forget his last-minute winner against Northampton? Or the brace that downed Yeovil at the Bank the year they ended as Champions? Not me, that is for sure.

Yeah, there’s always that¬†incident that resulted in him being swiftly transferred, perhaps scuppering the best chance we had of achieving a play-off win. There are the long spells he went without a goal too, but he often came on as a sub or found himself sitting out as GTF and Yeo did their thing. He was the third wheel, the extra man and his 10 goals in 44 games in 2003/04 often get forgotten.

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