Five Marmite Lincoln City Players

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Football is a game of opinions, where beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and fans of the same team can come to blows arguing the virtues of certain individuals. Whether it was John Akinde, Matt Green or Alan Power, some players just seem to split opinion.

You can watch the same game as the man next to you and come out with different opinions. I marvelled a couple of years ago as the angry man in front of me ranted incessantly at Alex Woodyard for his negativity. How could he not see Alex breaking up play and retaining possession? I suppose he would wonder why I applauded a sideways pass when it looked easier to knock it forward.

Another obvious one and one I won’t be using in the gallery is Paul Farman (main picture). Here is a keeper who lifted two trophies at Lincoln, stuck with us throughout the National League years and got a Man of the Match award in an FA Cup quarter-final. Yet, I heard him trashed as a player, booed in the league and described as one of our worst keepers ever. How on earth anyone could lump him in with Bruce Grobbelaar or Elliot Parish was completely beyond me.

These differences of opinion are nothing new though. Over the last twenty years, the Imps have had a lot of players who split us down the middle, some with more than 200 games for the club. You can offer your thoughts on our forum here.