FPS / Stacey West Forum Update

As some of you may know, we have started a forum here on the Stacey West, in conjunction with the Fans Player Scheme, in place of the old comments section we had on the blog.

The full details can be found here, but for those who might be too young, a forum is a space for discussing all things Lincoln City without the other social media distractions. Vital Lincoln City has run very well for a number of years now and put money into the club, and we felt there might be scope for us to pick up some of our readers and fans who perhaps don’t use Vitals.

One thing I want to do is be very clear about the amount being raised as we go along, so you can feel we’re pulling towards a target. I’m posting most day on this thread our modest viewing figures, which vary from 200 to 600 views per day.

I wanted to add some financial stats to the visitor stats to give you an idea of what could be earned with the right sort of buy-in. The company which deals with our income are Snack Media, the same that provide the adverts for Vitals, which underlines the potential scope for earnings on here. Now, advert income can vary depending on a number of factors; time of year, campaigns running, how many are on your page, etc. Therefore, I wanted to share with you the income levels for The Real EFL over the last six months, to give a rough idea of what the forum may achieve. I just want to be 100% transparent and maybe give you a goal to push towards, if you are kind enough to get involved.

As of October 20th, the visitor stats are as follows:

Site Stats Overall (This is the overall viewing figures for The Real EFL)

  • 127,104

Forum Stats (This is the clicks on the forum month to date)

  • 11049

Percentage (This is the percentage of the income the forum will generate, to be donated to the FPS)

  • 8.6%

For every 1000 page views the average revenue the sit earned was £1.11 in commission, so at the moment the forum will have earned around £11. It doesn’t sound much, but that is in half a month, and it is literally for doing nothing other than posting and reading. If that were to carry on, we would earn around £20 per month, or £240 per year. However, that is a bare minimum, and with your support we can make it even more.