VIDEO – Imps 1-1 Southampton League Cup, 1988

I’ve been in possession of some classic archived Imps footage for a while now, courtesy of Malcolm Johnson, but I haven’t been able to get time to have a play around.

Today has been that day, I finished my proper work around 3 pm and have had a play, which has led to the first of (hopefully) a few videos of this ilk. Much depends on how much you like ’em I guess! First up, this is footage I haven’t seen since the day it happened. These were the first top-flight team I saw at the Bank, in only the second night match I was ever taken to.

For those wanting to delve deeper into the game, I did pen this a couple of years ago too.

Jimmy Case, Danny Wallace, Paul Rideout and of course, some classic Lincoln City. Enjoy.

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