Happy Christmas From The Stacey West

It’s Christmas Day, a remarkably different Christmas to many years, but one we must do our best to enjoy.

I wanted to pen a quick message to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who takes time to interact with the site. That might be via a quiz, reading the match reports or tuning in to the podcast or video. It’s been a transitional year for the site, bringing in more video content and less of what I might term clickbait (ten players we might sign, etc). That’s been because of the Patreon model, which has meant I don’t have to chase views but instead can concentrate on the quality of the content.

Personal highlights include the Lockdown Quiz which I hope raised some spirits over the course of the year, the 100th Podcast and of course, interviewing Moses Swaibu. However, the real highlight has been the progress on the field. This site, the videos, podcast, articles etc, would be nothing without the team. We came into 2020 perhaps a little nervous at what the future held, and whilst the pandemic has knocked us all for six, I think the team have balanced that out to a degree. If you asked me two years ago which the greatest Lincoln team I had seen was, I would have to have concluded the 2016/17 and its evolution. Right now, I would be hard pushed not to pick this squad. Nobody can argue with what Michael and the team have done, on and off the field, and it makes the life of a content creator so much easier when all you have to do is try to find the odd fault with a wonderful team that is still growing and developing.

There is one other thing this site would not survive without – you. My patrons are massively important to me and I have penned you a message that should be in your inbox, but anyone who interacts with the site keeps me going, and keeps our dedicated team coming back and creating content as well. Thank you, for liking what we do, for sharing it, and for all your kind Christmas messages over the last few days.

I do want to thank a few people if I may, namely contributors to the site. Malcolm Johnson, Jake Tonge, Graham Burrell, Richard Godson, Roy Thomson are just a handful of the wonderufl people who regularly contribute articles (and pictures) which help enrich your experience. They’re all great people and I appreciate everything they do for me, and for you. There are others who contribute too and I thank anyone who had articles on my site this year. Huge thanks to Ben, of course, my podcast co-host, for all his hard work through the year. Also, massive thanks to Sam Ashoo and Charlie Russell, the brains behind Match Day Live. It’s a super show to be involved in and something I relish. Thank you to Liam Scully, Jake Longworth and everyone at the club for constantly keeping me involved on an impartial level, and finally, a big thanks to Terry Hibberd, a top man who has helped me keep up with local media in terms of breaking news and developments.

That’s it from me for today – I’ll be on your screens tomorrow from Sincil Bank, something that is a huge deal for me. I could have gone to matches before now, I did get to Liverpool, but I could have attended as media and haven’t. I am aware that sometimes, there can be a ‘same old face’ syndrome around those who attend games and do club business as well as their own and I didn’t want that. However, Boxing Day seemed like a great day to do a special show and hopefully, we can do just that. Have a Merry Christmas, wherever you are, and here’s to welcoming in a new year and hopefully, a return to normal.