SW Podcast Episode 116 Out Now

The latest episode of the Stacey West podcast is out now, and it should come with a disclaimer.

Prior to recording, Gary moaned to Ben for fifteen minutes about (in no particular order) Moonpig, TSB, two-factor authenticated login, penalties, and other stuff which seemed really important at the time but is hard to recollect right now. That set the tone.

After that, we discussed losing a game on penalties, multiple player injuries and stuff that generally made the pod sound rather negative. Throw in the fact Gary could smell rump steak cooking from around 30 minutes in and wanted to wrap things up, and this might be a bit ‘low energy’ for some people’s liking. The banal chatter is down to a minimum, the football stuff is insightful (or maybe inciteful?) and, in the end, we may have coined our new goodbye to roll out each week.

The thing is, very few of you actually bother reading this bit, so I could write pretty much whatever I like, couldn’t I? I might try it. If you actually do read this bit, tag me and Ben on Twitter with a message that reads something like ‘@EFL_Hub talks rubbish’, and we’ll know. It’ll be our little joke.

Anyway, if you’ve got this far, well done. The podcast is below.