Passing, Shooting and Dribbling – Who has been the best so far this season?

Credit Graham Burrell

As you know, I love a stat, and for an hour this afternoon, I have been number crunching.

I’ve been on Wyscout, going through the current first-team squad and assembling the numbers for passing, shooting, dribbling, and duels both on the floor and in the air. The stats are all from Wyscout and for some unknown reason, they do NOT include the two FA Cup matches. Still, other than that, every minute of Imps action has been broken down by the stats website, and I have collated that information to bring you the ‘best of’ stats so far this season.

I wonder if there will be any surprises for you?

Appearances and Minutes

Credit Graham Burrell

He might be out for a short while now, but there is no doubt that Jorge Grant has been the longevity king this season. He’s made 40 appearances already, excluding the FA Cup games. In terms of minutes, that’s 3682, 442 more than the next ranking player, TJ Eyoma. Tom Hopper is third, he’s played 3083 minutes, with Lewis Montsma fourth on 3011.

I do find it interesting that despite making nine appearances, Theo Archibald has the fewest minutes of the squad outside of the long-term injured and new signings. In fact, he averages just 34 minutes per game, the fewest of the players currently in the squad who have made more than a brief cameo (such as Hayden Cann).

I also find it interesting that Lewis Montsma averages 97 minutes per outing. This is because Wyscout counts actual minutes, rather than 90 per game. With the time added on in either half, it means we usually played closer to 100 minutes than 90.

These numbers do exclude Alex Palmer by the way, as I’ve focused on outfield players.


Challenged more than any other player – Credit Graham Burrell

A duel is a challenge for the ball on Wyscout, which could loosely be determined as tackling but also incorporates when you are challenged whilst on the ball. I guess it is subjective, as all stats are because a challenge for a 50/50 would likely be tougher to win than a 70/30, which the stats do not show. However, the duel stats on Wyscout are interesting. There are two key areas I’ve looked at, duels per game and success.

The players who are involved in the most duels per game are usually the attacking players in a good side, and that comes to pass here. The most duel per game of the current squad is actually Morgan Rogers – he’s involved in 27.55 duels per game, winning 47.5%. I do wonder if he is being quickly targeted by opposition players when he gets the ball, as well as drawing more duels for his direct style.

Credit Graham Burrell

Next up is Tom Hopper, he wins fewer (39.8%) and is involved in 25.81 per game. The third highest is Lewis Montsma, which is interesting as he was bested by Anderson, Eyoma and Bridcutt back in October’s stats. He is involved in 21.16 per game, winning an impressive 62.9%. I think this goes some way to dispelling the notion Montsma has dropped off – he’s got more combative perhaps, he’s been challenged more on the ball too, which suggests teams have reacted to his early-season threat.

The player who wins the highest percentage of his duels is Adam Jackson. He makes 16.21 per game, but wins 67.4%. The top three in terms of percentages are the three centre backs, with Montsma second and Joe Walsh winning 59.4%.

A mention to Max Sanders – he might only have played 112 minutes, but he has already won 59.3% of his duels, putting him fourth and just above Liam Bridcutt on 56.9%. I’m already massively impressed by Sanders and I know it is early days, but they do look like promising numbers.

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