Lincoln City Transfer Rumour Round-Up

Randell Williams

Fresh twist in Randell Williams transfer saga as rival club pull out of  bidding war with Hull City - Hull Live

I don’t usually repeat what James Goodwin, the ‘ex-agent’ tweets, mainly because I’ve been blocked, but there are some supporters who feel his insight is accurate. Therefore, it is worth picking up on a tweet he put out recently saying we’d been watching Exeter City’s Randell Williams (there are ways around a block). I could see this being viable, after all, we happily signed a full back from League Two in the summer, and Williams is out of contract himself in June, so could be a target.

He’s a former Tottenham youth who broke into professional football with Wycombe, whilst on loan from Watford. He’s since impressed at Exeter City and was due to sign for a League One club this winter, only for the deal to collapse after he picked up an injury. That got my spidey senses tingling too – could he have been a target in the same way Bramall was, six months before his contract expired? Possibly, but it is more likely to have been Peterborough, and we’ve been lumped into the rumour for a few likes and shares. That said, he too plays attacking right and when Johnson goes back to Forest and Eyoma to Spurs, we are going to look light on the flanks, so do expect summer business there. Is this a case of someone doing their research and having a good guess, or an actual, viable rumour?