Player of the Season: The Main Candidates

Credit Graham Burrell

The club have recently started the voting process for Player of the Season, and something tells me this will be the closest one for many, many years.

Last year there was maybe two contenders, but Joe Morrell was the obvious standout candidate. Michael Bostwick, Neal Eardley and Alex Woodyard were all more or less alone in winning their awards over the three years before that, standing out a mile from the others, despite us having good players playing well. One player has always stuck their head up and made themselves an obvious choice, and this year I’m not sure it is quite as clear cut.

Our own Player of the Year is going to be designated a different way this year. I shall do my usual piece, after the last game (whenever that is) looking at the whole squad, player by player, before giving you my pick. However, the official Stacey West Player of the Year will have been picked by you, week after week, through the rating system. I’ll tell you this – it is very close indeed, and these last few matches could see it heading off to someone you might not immediately pick.

I have placed my vote for the Vic Withers POTS with the club, and I urge you to do the same by clicking here. Before you do though, it might be worth casting your eye over these players that I think will harness the bulk of the votes.