Should This Be The Imps Wembley XI?

Credit Graham Burrell

I’m finally back from Cornwall, a week which I certainly needed off, but that has also been taken up by the Imps.

It’s been fun, doing everything from Look North to ITV, the Sportsman to the Lincolnite, but juggling that with days out, nights out and the ticket situation has been a challenge. It doesn’t get easier when you arrive home and find out the car park you intended to use is closed and the tube won’t run there either. Could they make it any harder? Why not ask for a vial of blood on entry and demand everyone walk the last fifteen miles to the stadium on their hands?

Anyway, I’ll be there and thanks to the frantic build-up (and a nine-and-a-half-hour drive from Widemouth Bay to Louth yesterday), I haven’t had time to get nervous. I have had time to review the team news, injury scares and the like and put together what I think will be our starting XI tomorrow. We know James Jones is out, but he has been on the periphery since Christmas anyway, and we know Adam Jackson will also be out.

Have a look at the next couple of pages and see what you think of my XI. Do you agree? If so, why not either predict on the Fan Hub App, or download it if you can find a golden ticket (you can use gaz-S58 by the way, but only if you’re the first).