Two Times: Players Ethan Ross Joins on Two Imps Appearances

Credit Graham Burrell

I felt a bit bad for Ethan Ross the other day.

He was the player released at the same time as Harry Anderson, and whilst all the focus was on Harry leaving, Ethan slid quietly out of the back door. He issued a dignified tweet thanking fans for the journey and seemed to be forever remembered as the player who also went when a club legend did, or rather a player some people might struggle to remember.

That’s not entirely fair though. Ethan was another top lad, not unlike Farms in terms of his personality. Usually, my interviews with players are ten minutes long, at best, but Ethan and I chatted for more than 20, such was his enthusiasm for everything about life. We spoke about coffee shops, Lincoln City, his career, all sorts. Yes, he only appeared twice for the Imps, but that shouldn’t mean his departure goes completely unnoticed.

I’ve been trawling the record books and compiling a list of other players who appeared just twice for the Imps. Everyone talks about the likes of Ben Coker and the one-time outing players, but two is rarely mentioned. There are quite a few players who have made just two appearances for the club, many before the Second World War, when I guess footballers were more transient and tied to shorter contracts. However, here is every player since 1992 (coincidentally, the date my first book goes back to for ease of research) to appear twice for the club, and a few others notable for different reasons.

Be prepared to find a film star in here, a Sheffield legend with an MBE, a couple of international players and even one who has gone on to be a successful horse racing tipster.