Stacey West Euro 2020 Prediction League

How do you fancy taking part in a prediction league for Euro 2020?

I’ve found the season-long one usually loses appeal for many, but a short month of football will capture the imagination, will it not? I’m quite excited for Euro 2020 and I’m sure that’ll heighten once things kick-off.

I’m working on my season review for this year, so I’ll throw a copy of that in for the winner.

Even if you take part for fun and don’t want another of my books clogging up your bookshelf, why not sign up below and see how you do against your mates? It’s quick, easy, there’s no cost and it’s a bit of fun. You know you want to, right?

Keep track of the latest standings etc by searching for the hashtag I have come up with #sweuro2020

Clever, innit?

To use the predictor, select a scoreline for a specific date and click ‘save prediction’. You must save each day separately. You can click on ‘next’ in the top right-hand corner to move forward each day.

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