Red Imps Community Trust Launches Online Museum

Sure, you’re all waiting for signings, but there’s plenty of news to take in even without new faces.

One bit of news I can really get on board with is the latest from the Red Imps Community Trust. They’ve released an online museum of Imps memorabilia, and as an avid collector of all things Imps, it gets a huge thumbs up from me. In fact, I shall be committing a few of my own pieces to their collection when I finally get time to sort through some boxes!

“This museum is by fans for fans,” it states on the opening pages. “The Trust are delighted to host it as part of our ongoing fan engagement work but this is a site where supporters can display their interesting and valued Imps possessions for other fans to enjoy.” Enjoy it I will because I love to see what others have and I love to show my collection off even more. If I’d been a little less preoccupied these last couple of months, I would already have an exhibit or two in there as I did have a meeting with the Trust as they were setting it up.

What could I add? In the past, I have done articles touching on a few of my own pieces, from a rare signed football circa 1990 to the original artwork for issue one of Deranged Ferret, signed by Colin Murphy. I guess I should get in touch with the Trust soon!

In the meantime, you can find exclusive interviews with imps players at the online museum, as well as exhibits, shirts newspaper clippings and a host of other stuff to keep you well and truly entertained. It is well worth a visit if you want to while away an hour or too waiting for signing, and is you have unique stuff of your own, why not read how to get involved and have your piece forever committed to the RICT museum?

Visit the RICT online museum here