Memorabilia Corner Pt2 – Sponsorship Memento

I’ve backdated this a bit because I don’t want to spam News Now with a load of my memorabilia!

These are two really special items, 100% unique. If you wish to read the full story, visit their page on the Red Imps Community Trust Museum Page here.

Recently, the Red Imps Community Trust have put together an Imps museum and it’s got me going through my things, photographing them and cataloguing them.

I’m a collector of all things Imps and have far more stuff than a grown man really should. It’s in no order, there’s no rhyme or reason to it, I just have stuff and a lot of it. The RICT museum is a great idea and one I want some of my stuff to feature in, but I realised it can’t all go in there. I have too much for a start!

Therefore, it’s inspired me to not only share the good stuff with them but also some of my other bits with you. Therefore, over the course of the next few years (that’s how long it will take), I shall be systematically going through all of my collection and putting it up on here for you to enjoy.

Now, I don’t want to take away from the RICT museum, which is brilliant, so anything of mine which they feature will appear here visually only – for the explanation you’ll find a link to their stuff. Theirs will be a huge collection for deeper and more extensive than mine, but hopefully, much of my stuff can go on there, as well as being pictured on here.


I’m starting off with a couple of badges, and they’re on page 2 of this post. I might get a few other bits one today and I’ve sent something off to the Trust too. Please, do visit the RICT Musuem first though, because they had the idea that has finally sparked me into life to get my own stuff in order, and they have interviews, videos and the like. I shall only be featuring physical items I have accumulated over the years.