15 Free Agents The Imps Might Turn To

This morning will have doubtless seen a lot of head-scratching at the ground, as the powers that be attempt to solve our deadline day woes by turning to the free-agent market.

There will be plenty of other clubs doing the same, and these players might suddenly be very popular, as clubs come to terms with the business they did, or did not do, on deadline day. Let’s not forget, we did manage to spend the sort of money that might be a club record, even if we were not able to nail down a late loan.

That has left us needing a winger and/or a striker, and there are some names on the free-agent list that might be tempting for the management team. Naturally, as I want to give you hope salvation might be out there, I’ve scoured the list and come up with 15 players who could do a job at Lincoln City. What job that might be, who knows?

I’ve found players from across the top three divisions in England (and one from Scotland), all currently free agents according to the website transfermarkt and probably all who could be within our reach. Maybe. The problem (I guess), is whoever we sign would be a short-term deal until December, but they’d need a month or so to be match fit, by which time we’re going to be in October, maybe even November. We’ve even played two of our Papa John’s games, and don’t have another until October 5th.

I’d say enjoy the article, but I know it’ll feel a bit like ordering the steak at your favourite restaurant, only to have the waiter come back and say ‘the steak is off’, and you have to turn back to the menu feeling a bit lost.