Stacey West Redevelopment Fund is Vital

The Red Imps Community Trust has recently taken the lead on a bond scheme to help fund the redevelopment of the Stacey West.

The redevelopment of this stand is vital, not just because it gives us an increased capacity, but because of the other opportunities during the week. The ground must earn the revenue outside of matchday, and the new facilities within the redevelopment would certainly help with that.

Currently, the club has sourced funding to the tune of £1.8m, but need a final push over the line. They won’t ask you to put your hands in your pocket again, there’s no begging bowl coming out from the cub itself. Instead, the RICT, with the club’s blessing, has taken the lead on the bond scheme, an investment that would see you take a return at the end of a set period. The money will be used in the first instance to fund the redevelopment, but there’s a catch for some; the minimum buy-in is £500. That does put it out of the reach of many supporters, and we mean that with the greatest of respect. How many fans genuinely have that sort of money to spare? Not that many, and whilst early indications are the fund is very popular, we want to give fans with a little less to put in a chance to do so.

Some supporters are eager to help out, we know this because they’ve been in touch, both with and Vital Lincoln City, asking how they can donate without buying a bond. That’s where the Stacey West Redevelopment Fund comes into play. This site, The Stacey West, and Vital Lincoln City are joining forces to promote a fund that you can donate to, with absolute clarity, to help get the club towards the figure needed for this huge stand redevelopment. In time, we’re hoping other fan groups and high-profile individuals will join us to actively promote the fund as a united fanbase.

How can you get involved? It is simple – there is a PayPal Pool page set up to which you can donate, which you can find here. Donating through that couldn’t be easier, and everyone can see the current total. Jules from Vital Lincoln City has set it up with a goal of £1000 and they have raised £645 without anyone else getting on board. Now, with a united fundraising effort, the whole Imps fanbase can start to increase that total even more. At present, we don’t intend to turn the money raised into a bond, rather just a total which we hand over to the RICT/club when the fundraising is finished.

We are going to be doing other fundraising initiatives too, and hopefully, as the fund gains momentum others will come on board. If you have an idea and would like to get involved, you can contact Gary or Jules through their sites, and

This club is moving forward and with a united and singular fanbase, we can play a huge part in the changing landscape at Sincil Bank. The Stacey West Redevelopment Fund is Vital, and now you can play your part.