Stacey West Exclusive: Get Some Answers

The last couple of weeks have left some supporters with a few questions to ask, and that’s with the greatest of respect.

Recording tonight, The Stacey West will be attempting to get some answers to those questions. You know the ones – what happened on deadline day? What’s the deal with queues outside the ground? Are we just a selling club?

These are questions that don’t strike at the fundamentals of the club; we’re in a good shape with a good manager and strong backroom staff. However, there are questions some fans are asking. Even the most ‘happy-clappy’ of supporters have things they want to ask and this evening, exclusive to the Stacey West Podcast, we’re asking them.

Liam Scully is recording with us for a one-off special, and he’s agreed to field all manner of questions. This won’t be a one-sided sycophantic affair, but nor will we look for issues that are not there. We’re going to get genuine answers to concerns and questions, a bit like a fan’s forum but without the ‘why don’t you leave a man up at corners’ rubbish that stopped me going to them years ago.

We have a good idea of topics we want to cover, but we’re keen to hear from you as well. There might be something we miss, something that concerns you or is a hidden issue few are aware of. If that’s the case, then get in touch,

We can’t go through all forms of social media for questions, so here’s the deal – if you have a question either comment on Twitter or drop us an email at The cut-off is 7 pm, we’re recording at 7.30 pm and (if Ben’s reading this he might kick my ass), we want it out for the breakfast/morning work journey on Tuesday.

This is a Stacey West Exclusive, an interview granted to us that we are incredibly grateful for, but it won’t be one-sided or full of bum-licking. There have been a few bumps in the road early this season and we do intend to ask the club about those. One thing I know we will get in return is honest answers.

It promises to be one you cannot afford to miss.

If you have a question, add it to this tweet, or email We will endeavour to ask questions on all topics raised.