Imps v Plymouth: Dispelling the Myths

Credit Graham Burrell

Compared to Seasonal Average

I thought I’d end by mopping up a few of the other requests for stats that I got on the Twitter request, as well as comparing the Plymouth game to our overall average. There isn’t really any outcome to decide here, rather just a look at the situation and a few of the things people asked about. This metric also includes cup games, not just League One.

Plymouth Compared to Average

How did our performance this weekend stand up to our seasonal average?


In terms of shots, we were about average; we usually have 11.21 shots per game, 9.97 per League One game, and on this occasion, we had 10. We typically have 39.% on target, compared to 30% this week. It wasn’t any better than the average for the season, but not much worse. The same goes for shots against; Plymouth had 13 at 30.77%, whereas we average 13 against at 31.5%. If anything we were slightly worse than average on both.


We played far more passes than normal as we tried to find a way through; 555 compared to an average of 465. We did face fewer passes as well, which dispelled the notion of Ryan Lowe’s possession-based football, as they made 358 compared to an average of 416 against. Our accuracy was better than average too, 83.06% against 82.4% for the season.

Forward passes seem to be the big one for many of you, but we made 173 forward passes with an accuracy of 73.99%. That’s better than our average of 157 per game, at 71.3% accuracy. Across the board, our passing stats were better than our seasonal averages.

Credit Graham Burrell

Compared to Other Teams

This section will have a few little bits about comparing to other teams in our division for a few key metrics. I’m sure you’ll have switched off by now if this isn’t for you!


We average 9.97 shots per 90 minutes in League One, which leaves us 12th in the table. As a guide, Doncaster are bottom with 6.34, followed by Crewe (7.99) and Morecambe (8.15). At the other end of the scale, Rotherham average 14.01, MK Dons 13.18 and Bolton 12.95. I find it interesting that we have played six of the top ten shot takers in the division.

Touches in Box

We’re above average for touches in the box too; we have 15.04 per game in League One, compared to an average of 14.96. the top three teams are Rotherham (20.64), Oxford United (18.78) and Bolton (18.35) – three teams we’ve played. The bottom three are Doncaster (8.91), Gillingham (9.19) and Morecambe (11.18).


There’s no doubt our corners are not the best and Wyscout is not geared up to show goals from corners per team. However, we average 5.57 corners per game and apparently, get a shot away as a result on 24.2% of occasions. Our opponents do better; they get fewer corners (4.82), but more shots (28%).