Don’t Forget It’s Chippy Monday!

Tonight’s the night, as Meatloaf sang in Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

It’s not the night for parking by the lake with not another car in sight; it’s the night for Burton Road Chippy’s Stacey West Development Fund event. They’re opening from 4 pm until 8 pm this evening, and every penny will be going to the development fund. That’s right; staff are working for free to maximise the money going to the fund.

Firstly, where are we with the fund, launched in conjunction with Vital Lincoln City, Imptoons, L.I.S.A and a host of other supporters? The fund itself is currently at £4665.84, and if you wish to donate without buying a bond, you can do so here. The raffle money is to go on that as well, and it is currently at £1607.79. There’s an exciting prize being announced tomorrow, just in time for the last week, so if you’re up for that, either find out more here, or go to the page and donate £5, or multiples thereof, here. Remember, there’s also this great Lincoln City print from local artist Anne Thomson, the profits from which will also go directly to the fund. You can buy that here.

That’s what you can do right now on the internet, but if you want a proper experience then Burton Road Chippy is the place to be this evening. We’re told there are going to be first-team squad members there, who will hopefully be frying up and maybe able to pose for photographs and the like. The shop will be decked out in Imps gear and if you wear some Imps branded gear, there will be a discount for you. Also, Ben and I will both be there for a period as well, thanking you for your support and answering any questions you might have. We’re just happy to chat about the Imps whilst eating great chips.

The event starts at 4pm, at Burton Road Chippy and runs through until 8 pm. I’m intending to arrive around 5 pm for an hour or so, and I look forward to meeting you all there. A huge thanks to the team at Burton Road Chippy for their support of the fund, and for putting on an event that should be good fun.