Imps Injury Latest: Dispelling a Few Rumours

Credit Graham Burrell

I heard yesterday Adam Jackson was out until March with an injury.

It was, of course, rubbish, but that’s the sort of rumour that seems to do the rounds of late. Thanks to the Echo, we now have a clearer indication of when a few players will be back and what’s wrong with them, so if you don’t read their stuff, here’s the gist of the injury situation.

Anthony Scully is no longer injured, and apparently, he wasn’t being kept out of the squad because he refused to play, fell out with Michael, or was being sold. I know this is an obvious one as he scored yesterday, but it really does underline some of the complete and utter rubbish people choose to put on social media. Hands up if you shared this? Shame on you.

Adam Jackson and Freddie Draper are both out at the moment, and both are because of concussion injuries. Adam Jackson has had two concussion injuries this season, and as per the protocols he is now not able to play until the end of the month. This isn’t a case of someone ‘being a sicknote’ as I read all over, but FA protocols to protect players. Freddie is out of the same reason; he’s having dizzy spells and that means no football.

Credit Graham Burrell

Joe Walsh has been injury-prone, which is an understatement but hasn’t been a serious injury problem before he arrived here. My feeling with Joe is he was rushed back last season v Fleetwood in the absence of Adam Jackson and probably has struggled to get fully fit since. He’s now back on the grass, training with the squad and is hopefully going to be back in the next couple of weeks. Don’t expect to see him rushed back; Michael will want to get him fit properly and not risk losing him again; like Liam Bridcutt, he’s a player who makes us much, much better. The only issue is, we never get to see him.

Liam Bridcutt is another who we struggle to keep fit for periods of time. He was training on Friday with a view to being 50/50 for the Oxford win, but heard his calf pop. He is expected to be out for some time, and there is no timescale on this. I understand this is the sort of injury that frustrates fans as it’s behind closed doors, training, and some will feel unavoidable. If you think you’re frustrated, imagine being Michael, or worse, Liam.

Lewis Montsma we all saw yesterday; his studs got caught in the turf and in a weekend of pops, his knee popped. MA said he thought 4-6 weeks was the best guess, but it could be longer, and we’ll know more once the brace comes off and he has a scan this week. It’s not great for Lewis, nor our defence which is now lacking all three recognised central defenders.

I’ve got an honesty shout about Tom Hopper; from what I’d heard and picked up, I feared for his season. His injury is a strange one that I think baffled a few specialists, but it seems he’s back on the road to recovery. There’s even talk of a return at the end of February. That’s news I like to hear because he’s such a big influence on the field.