SW Player of the Month: December

2021 started on a high and didn’t quite end on a low.

November and October weren’t the best, but at least in December there were signs of recovery, if not quite signs of three points. As you know, after every game, you have the ability to rate the players on the site, and from there, I can work out your Player of the Month. In November, Max Sanders took the top spot, despite barely playing. Could December be any worse?

To recap, these are the rules.

  • To qualify, a player must have played in at least 50% of the games that month.
  • Players who play fewer than 15 minutes will not have their rating counted.
  • If two players are tied, the player with more appearances will be placed highest

I think that’s it; if anything else comes to me, I’ll work it in later!

Without further ado, let’s crack on, shall we?

3rd – Ted Bishop – 6.25

Credit Graham Burrell

Make no mistake, it wasn’t an easy month by any stretch of the imagination, but Ted Bishop’s brace against Cheltenham did brighten the mood. Going into the game we hadn’t scored for four league games, from October 30th. That’s not the only reason Ted comes third this month, he did have a decent game against MK Dons, and he is constantly shifted around the field, which hasn’t helped.


2nd – Liam Bridcutt – 6.60

Credit Graham Burrell

When Liam Bridcutt plays, we’re better. That’s a fact, and despite us not having a great December, three defeats and a draw, he was a consistent 6.50. That’s almost as good as we can hope for when the chips are down, and even though it feels as if we turned a corner in mid-December, the fact we’re now going to be without our captain for a while is another huge blow.


1st – Josh Griffiths – 6.70

Credit Graham Burrell

Josh becomes the first player to with the award for a second time this season, and only the second to twice take the accolade (Conor McGrandles being the first). It’s been tough for Josh, he didn’t play against Hartlepool and he shipped seven goals in three matches, but he’s still got the nod. We didn’t play a lot of football last month, and what we did play wasn’t always great, but we can rely on Josh to at least perform every week.

Previous Winners

August: Anthony Scully 7.54

September: Josh Griffiths 7.90

October: Chris Maguire 7.44

November: Max Sanders 6.40