Wycombe and Lincoln: A Short But Lively History

The Imps welcome Wycombe to Sincil Bank on Saturday for the first time since 2018.

That game was, for want of a better word, horrible. The Chairboys were on their way to promotion, and they needed to get a point against us. The ball was in play for about 25 minutes, and fans who hadn’t been at the Bank in the nineties came away with a firm understanding of what John beck used to do for the club. I think that’s fair; I didn’t slate Wycombe for doing what they do, it’s an approach that worked then, and their recent spell in the Championship suggested it works now as well. Still, when that 0-0 is the only meeting between the clubs at the Bank in more than ten years, it says a lot.

Credit Graham Burrell

Of course, we’ve been there a few times, three in the last five years. Thanks to a quirk seeing us play them first this season, and travel there in 2019/20 but not have a reverse fixture; we have seen much more of the lovely Adams Park than they have of our home ground. Of course, whilst our history only goes back as far as 87/88, there have been some historic games between us and the Chairboys.

I’ve found 20 minutes before recording the podcast, so I thought I’d take you through a handful of those games, either for your own memory, or to introduce newer fans to some little slices of history. Also, it gave me a chance to use the photo above, which I mention in an article I’ve queued up for tomorrow!