Writer Wanted: Do You Want to be Part of the Team?

Credit Graham Burrell

Due to my ongoing workload, and a desire to keep the site fresh and full of content, I am looking at taking on a writer.

One thing the site lacks is a preview in the build-up to matches, and I’m looking to bring someone on board who can write a concise preview, much like this one, before every game. If you think that’s you, then you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

Many of the writers on the site are voluntary, but there is a small amount of money from the Patreon that is currently unallocated, and therefore this is going to be the first paid position within the site. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to get rich by doing it, but there is a financial incentive for becoming involved.

However, I would like to think the other incentives are just as attractive. the site attracts 100,000 + views every month and is widely regarded by many outside of the club as one of the best Lincoln City fan sites out there. Any budding writer will be getting exposure on the site, as well as building up a portfolio for any future CV or freelance work they wish to do.

There’s also the knowledge writing for the site will give you. You will learn more about WordPress and the setting up of articles. You’ll work to a deadline each week, ensuring the dedicated readers and valued patrons of the site are provided with a good preview to read ahead of the weekend’s fixture. I’ll happily give you advice on writing style, linking and the other intricacies which go into producing an article that are not always obvious.

You’ll also get access to Wyscout to help with the articles, and any other resources I subscribe to in the future.

Is this you? If so, here’s what to do.

  • Write me an article about Lincoln City. It could be a personal experience, a review of the season so far, an evaluation of a player, anything you like. It must be 500 words or more, completely unique.
  • Send that article, along with a covering email explaining a little bit about yourself, why you wish to write for the site and what you hope to get out of it to gazhutch88@gmail.com
  • The closing date for those wishing to apply is Saturday 19th February.

IIf you think this will appeal to someone you know, please let them know!

Please note: I will publish articles submitted to me for the position on the site if they’re good enough, whether successful or not.