Three Winners and Three Losers as Michael Appleton Departs

Credit Graham Burrell

Michael Appleton’s departure as Lincoln City boss has been greeted with a mixed reaction.

You have the supporters who haven’t been impressed this season and believe a change has been needed. They’ve seen enough of the home defeats, the points thrown away and slack defending, and laid the blame at the manager’s door, as is their right. Others feel that the job has been half done, and by leaving in this manner, Michael has left the club having to backtrack.

I do feel a bit let down, by the club and manager. I recall that first live podcast we did with Michael at the club; he spoke about the Championship being the aim, and I believed it. For whatever reason, once again it’s a manager saying something he can’t live up to. That’s not a slur on Michael, but nearly all (not Chris Moyses, I can’t recall him making bullish promises) have been the same. Tilson, Holdsworth, Sutton, Cowley… the list goes on.

King of the bold promise

For some reason, I just thought this time was different. I know, things change, situations change, and clearly, that’s the case at the club, but I’ve just been left, once again, feeling a bit deflated. Still, whoever comes in next, I’ll believe what they say, because that’s what I do. It’s what many of us do. Some believe nothing, others believe everything and in the middle, somewhere, is a small band of people who pick and choose. It’s not easy, not when a manager is as engaging as Danny, or as believable as Michael. I even believe that when Michael said that, he believed it, but football doesn’t work that way.

I would imagine that the dressing room is very much like the fan base. Whilst there’s going to be a general feeling of upset over the decision, there will be some people who perhaps don’t feel it quite as much as others. There will be those who may even benefit from Michael’s departure.

Here are three winners and three losers from Michael Appleton’s Lincoln City departure.