Imptoons Season Review Out Now

It’s that time of the year again when the super-talented CJW puts out his Imptoons season review.

I’d say it’s a pleasure to promote his work, but seeing as he claimed I must have been the oldest person in Home nightclub a fortnight ago, and that my attendance was shameful, it isn’t a pleasure. I’m not doing it for him (my second-favourite Wray brother after Sam’s kind comments on Twitter last night). I’m doing it because his work is brilliant and it’s for a great cause.

All joking aside, it is a great product (I should know, he got me to proofread it, which is a bit like getting John DeLorean to give your car the once over), and it raises a lot of money to go to the club. Many of you will already have your copy ordered – it’s already made £3000. However, if it sells out, the club will benefit to the tune of £4000.

From here on in, every single order is pure profit, and there’s a great chance to get a special prize as well. Somewhere among the orders is a golden ticket to win a signed match shirt; it has to be won, and you might bag it! Even more appealing (or less appealing, depending on your viewpoint), Chris and his mate Paul will be doing their paper round, delivering by hand, this Friday evening. Orders in Lincoln, Waddington, Bracebridge Heath and North Hykeham will be hand-delivered and more money will go to the club if the orders are put in before Thursday night.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are links to buy:
With free bookmark (not many left!):

If you’re still in doubt, how about a bit of a taster? Check out the images below. (BTW, it was shameful I ended up in Home nightclub, CJW was right).