Five Things We Hope Mark Kennedy Can Change

I was behind Michael Appleton and remained so until the day he left the club. 

I appreciate that wasn’t the case with everyone, but that’s how it was. I’m now behind the current manager, and for those who think I blindly follow anyone, I don’t. I wasn’t behind Peter Jackson throughout his stay with the club, and I certainly wanted Tilson out. However, every manager has my backing when they start at the club; my support is not earned, it is a given and it can only be lost.

That said, there were things about Michael’s reign I didn’t agree with, things about last season and perhaps the season before that I felt he didn’t get right. It wasn’t everything, and I think his record speaks for itself; we were 90 minutes from the Championship, people tend to forget that. However, as I’m sure is the case with you, there were aspects of Michael’s approach and management style that I didn’t always think suited the club, or maybe the fanbase.

There are a few things that have really stuck with me in recent weeks, and that’s led me to this article. I’ve picked five things I hope Mark Kennedy can do differently, which I think would benefit the club and the fans.