Happy Christmas From The Stacey West

As you celebrate Christmas today, I wanted to make sure I got a chance to say a bit thank you for all of your support throughout the year.

For once, I don’t mind using ‘I’ instead of ‘we’. The Stacey West is a collaborative effort between myself and a number of talented writers and creators.  However, this message is from me and is as much to Bubs, Malcolm, Tom, Ben, Jake, Chris (x2) and whoever else writes or creates for the site and YouTube channel as it is to the patrons of the site and the casual users.

I don’t want to get too sentimental; there is a tendency to go overboard at times like this. I perhaps lay it on too thick at times about the journey I’ve been on with the site and what doors it has opened. I can’t express the level of gratitude that I have for the chances I’ve been afforded, be it by your patronage, by the wonderful access to the club given to us by Liam, or the other doors it has opened to allow me to pursue the career I love so much.

However, the fact remains that everything I do started here, writing about Lincoln City. These days it is tougher to provide the content as regularly as I’d like, but hopefully, the quality and diversity of the site still amuses people of different ages and tastes.

Whoever you are; Imps fan, lower league fan or just someone who likes our work, thank you. We hope you have a lovely Christmas, not necessarily full of presents, alcohol and food, but instead full of love, family, friends and a feeling of content. You see, of all the things this site has given me, the career, awards ceremonies, everything, one thing stands out above everything else; it has given me new friends. Sure, I had some before but never have I had such a rich circle of people to speak to on a matchday or on social media, people from different backgrounds and from across the country who, thanks to this site, I consider friends. My life is enriched by that and as I get older I realise that Christmas isn’t about material things, excess, false statements of grandeur on social media or anything like that. It’s about people.

So, people, have a Merry Xmas, however you choose to celebrate it, then go forth into the days between Christmas and New Year watching football, reading the Stacey West and appreciating everything you have. That’s all for now.


  1. It’s been a couple of great years for the Imps. Just a point or two from the so-called “festive period” please and the best present of all would be enough points to end up mid-table. so, C’MON YOU IMPS!

    Along with my cronies I always meet a load of great blokes – faithful Imps fans – in the boozer before home matches. It’s a true fraternity. A home match for me means a thoroughly well spent enjoyable day. And with a win – well, what can you say! The Imps mean a great deal both for the City of Lincoln and the County. We are after all the premier Lincolnshire team.

  2. Hope the flu has receded, Gary. Happy Christmas and please keep up the good work! It’s great for an exile Imp like me in North Wales. Many thamks

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