Five Memorable Moments From The 2023/24 Season

Barnsley away


Credit Graham Burrell

This might feel like a really big fast-forward, but I said it was going to be five moments, and narrowing it down after Christmas was hard. It feels wrong to condense Skubala’s reign into two moments, and if I had ‘ten top moments’, then six would be his (starting Cambridge away). However, I have condensed it down, and therefore, Barnsley away is the one.

Why? Because it was the first of those marvellous three matches where we hit 16 goals? Maybe. Because the goals were bangers? Perhaps. Because Jack Moylan channelled his inner-Messi for 45 minutes? Could be. Because the next day, we had a Christmas dinner for my Dad after he recovered from cancer, and that tied the weekend together into a memorable one for me. Maybe.

Or, perhaps it was just all of that combined. That’s what I’ll roll with.