Singing Section Away From Home? Your Club Have Listened

The influx of fans has brought all sorts on new conflict to the terraces at Sincil Bank and beyond. whereas travelling fans used to have a pick of row or even whole block, now we’re cramming in where we can. Those who live by the rules, such as myself, study our ticket and find our seat. Those who want to gather to make noise, sit where they want. Next thing you know, we’re fighting amongst ourselves.

Lincoln City of old didn’t have these problems to contend with, but Lincoln City in 2017 do. Chatting to Liam Scully today, he’s revealed that the club are looking at having away singing sections at future matches. The club recognise how important vociferous support away from home is, but also respect the needs of some fans to sit and watch football in a safe environment without having to stand up.

Liam is fairly certain the team working on the project won’t be too happy at him telling me before the details are finalised, but I think this is pretty big news when it comes to travelling away. We’re taking greater numbers than ever before, 990 on a cold November afternoon at Crewe? 4,000 to Notts County, twice what we expected at home four seasons ago? The club have acknowledged the needs of different groups and are going to do something about it.

Before we all start getting excited about being in a singing section at Colchester a week on Tuesday (!), be aware this isn’t something that is structured and ready to go. It might not be in place for a while yet, but it is coming. I found it exciting because it is an example of the club listening to its fans and reacting accordingly. I raised this issue in a meeting with Liam a few months back and other people have discussed it to. Those at the club read social media and understand the things fans would like to see. Right here, in this article you’re reading now, is a perfect example of a club in perfect unison with the people who support them.

As yet, there will be nothing more for me to report, but rest assured it is coming. Perhaps when we travel to Mansfield Town you’ll be able to buy in a singing section, perhaps we’ll have the luxury when we go to Coventry. I’ve often argued away from home everyone sings, but on Saturday I witness one young girl get hurt because she had got stood in an area that was ‘boisterous’. She was on crutches and ended up in tears, something nobody likes to see. Maybe if she’d known she had strayed into a singing section, somewhere people were unlikely to sit down for long, she would have bought elsewhere and not got hurt.

We’ll sit tight for further new, doubtless once it arrives it will be a warmly welcomed development to our away day experience, certainly for those matches where we take four-figure numbers.

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  1. An interesting discussion. I think that the atmosphere created by the singers is really crucial and home and away. but as you have yourself said supporters come in different types. When my children were young we watched Lincoln home and away for 6 years as a family. I opted for Executive tickets for both when possible as I wanted a safe (seated) haven. It did not mean that our support was not passionate. Now my wife and I are retired and children grown up and settled we are watching Lincoln regularly together but want seats and do not want to argue about our seats at away games and want to remain seated most of the time. No group has the monopoly of control over how people should support. We did stand up the whole time at Burnley but that was rather different!! We would attend more away games now if we could be assured of safe, seated and (dry!!) surroundings

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