Deadline Day – One Hour To Go (Deja Vu)

So we have one hour left of deadline day and for the second transfer window running, our hunt for a striker goes down to the wire.

Firstly, we’ve brought a keeper in on loan. Ryan Allsop joins on loan from Bournemouth. For those who haven’t heard the news, Josh Vickers has sustained an injury that could rule is out for a while, so Allsop was needed as back up. It’s a bit like the Ross Etheridge move, only Ross hadn’t played much football whilst Allsop does have Premier League experience, albeit two matches. He hasn’t won a friend in the Twitter user below though.


On the striker front, those hoping to see Ricky Miller become an Imp look set to be upset. He’s agreed a loan deal with Mansfield, cleverly releasing the news on his own Twitter account before hastily withdrawing it just as quickly. It’s now been officially released with Evans at the centre of it, ‘fighting off’ interest from other clubs. Yeah, that sounds about right given that his chairman couldn’t give him away two nights ago.

It isn’t a major surprise to see him move to Field Mill, but I suspect it will be a bad move for him. Evans isn’t known for loyalty to his players, nor does he seem to have patience with them either. Ricky Miller is a cracking player, I won’t change my opinion because he’s not coming here, but he is troubled and needed a stable environment to work in. With the financial clouds allegedly forming over Mansfield chairman John Radford, one wonders what the future might hold.

Anyway, whilst rumours of Theo Robinson rage on, there’s also now a train of thought that sees former Imp Lee Angol return to the club, either loan or permanent, to make way for Miller. The only surprise for me is that it has taken this long into the window for the chatter to resume, after all yours truly was talking about it before you’d opened seven doors on your advent calendars. I like Angol, a lot. Whether I’d rather have had Miller or not is irrelevant, but if I had a choice between Angol and Robinson, I’d choose Angol.


Elsewhere Coventry have been weakened by the departure of Ben Stevenson to Wolves, a deal they were reluctant to sanction but haven’t had a choice in. Mustapha Carayol, the former Imp who featured during our relegation season, has signed for Ipswich and looks delighted with it too!

Anyway, I’ll do a full round up tomorrow, after all right now there’s only one thing you’re interested in, again. Can City get a striker in before the deadline, or for the second time is as many windows are we left with Palmer, Green and Rhead as our three strikers? They say time will tell, but in this case it’s just an 56 minutes.