2017/18 Stacey West Season Review Book – Pre-order now

Following on from the successful ‘Season in Blogs’ last campaign, we’re doing another season review book which is now available to pre-order.

Firstly, the important stuff. As with last year, we’re going to be giving a portion of the profits away to charitable causes. Last season we gave a cheque to the Future Imps Fund, but this season we’re splitting 15% of the profit between two good causes.

The first is the Fan’s Player Scheme. I’ve always been a huge fan of the FPS and recently signed up as a member gain. I’ve never won anything by the way! Seriously, the work done by Helgy and the initial idea from Paul Dawson has become something of an institution and half of the money I’m giving away will be going directly to this season’s FPS.

The other charity you may not have heard of, but it is one that is close to my heart. Mayflower House is part of the Nacro housing project dedicated to promoting independence and preventing youth homelessness. They support general and complex needs of 16-18 year olds who have been classed as homeless, as well as having homeless mother and baby flat. Daily routines include supporting residents with paying bills, getting back into education, looking for accommodation for when they move on and help with their independence skills. They are a not for profit organisation and rely solely on fund-raising and charity donations. It may not be a familiar charity to you, but this house in particular is one that I’m familiar with and have helped on a personal level before. Our funds will go towards things such as providing a vegetable garden or helping to fund activities for these young people whose start in life has been tough.

Now the heavy stuff is out of the way, another bit of fun. The cover, as you’ll notice, hasn’t been featured here. Why? Because it hasn’t been finished yet. We’ve run a competition between another collection of blog fans, years 4, 5 and 6 from Digby Primary School, who often urge their teacher, Mrs Miller, to check her phone for Stacey West updates. They’ve been drawing some Imps from pictures provided and one or two of them will adorn the cover of the book. Myself and Fiona will be judging the competition this week and presenting the winner (or winners) with a copy of the book featuring their art on the cover. I’m kind of hoping they’ll let me go in and thank them for their support too, you never know!

This isn’t just a review of the season and it isn’t your formulaic, match by match basis relying on a few stats to keep you interested. This is words, lots of them, to see you through your holidays, commute to work or just your spare time. It is Lincoln City’s 2017/18 season through the eyes of the award nominated Stacey West.

We will miss Father’s Day with our release, a sad indictment of my failure to recover from back surgery in super human time. If you do want to order this as a Father’s Day present, we’ll provide a limited edition Father’s Day card for you to present to your Dad on the day, with details of his ‘real’ present. If it is for Father’s Day, please point that out either on the order or by emailing gazhutch78@gmail.com.

Yes, it’s partly a vanity project on my part, a collection of the best bits of the site from the past season. In years to come hopefully it will give a fascinating insight to those not lucky enough to enjoy the past twelve months as we have. Along with last season’s book, I’m building (hopefully) something that will chart this journey not just through the insane memories, but the smaller details and discussions we’ve had on the site.

I want to help some good causes too, as well as include as much from you guys as possible. Some of you have written some nice words which I look forward to including too.

The release date is estimated as mid-late June. The book will be available to order on here until Wednesday June 6th. If you fail to pre-order you’ll only be able to buy after that on Amazon – we’re only getting copies in which are pre-ordered. All pre-ordered books can be signed if you so desire.

You can pre-order the book here if you want it posted.

You can pre-order the book here if you want to collect:

PLEASE BE AWARE I’LL DO ONE COLLECT DAY ONLY. I still have an Imperfect Focus to be collected, six months after it’s release.



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