Welcome to Stacey West FC

We’re delighted to be able to announce that we’ve struck up a deal to become heavily involved with a local Sunday League team, playing out of division three of the Lincoln league.

As of right now, Stacey West FC is a fully signed up member of the Whites Mortgages Sunday League, and where we can we’ll be offering coverage of their exploits and progress. Gavin Andrews is the man behind the link up, a long time player and recent manager at Sunday League level, Imps fan and blog reader.

The deal will see the lads play in red and white stripes and feature the website logo on the shirts for the coming season. I’ll be doing some bits where I can, much like I did for A City United last season, covering the games I can get to and hopefully doing some other fun stuff. There might be a few videos, some player profiles and such like. We’ll see how it develops.

We’re even in talks to send the Stacey West FC side to a small sided charity game against a Grimsby Town side for a Prostrate Cancer charity, but more on that as things progress.

Gavin, who managed Saxilby Sports last season and is picture watching on above, recently said: “On behalf of myself and the players we are very excited about the upcoming season and the things we both have planned. In the future we may be looking at setting up kids teams and a women’s team too.”

Saxilby Sports last year – they’ll form the nucleus of Stacey West FC

On behalf of the site, I too am thrilled to be involved with the local game. The site does make a small amount of cash and where possible I’ve looked to plough that into causes I feel are suitable for the things we believe in, not just Imps related. We’ve recently got involved with the Mattadores, the group that sponsor Matt Rhead home and away and this move is just the latest attempt to put something back into the community, to fit in with the love of the beautiful game we share.

It doesn’t all have to be Lincoln City and my experiences with the magazine last season were enlightening and exciting. There’s so many good people at Sunday League level, working tirelessly to keep groups of lads playing football and having a good time. They are the life blood of this sport, watching it on a Saturday, playing it on a Sunday and living it the other five days a week. To be associated with a side not only as sponsor, but in name too is wonderful.

Also, I am always conscious that the name is taken from the stand I grew up in, but is in honour of the two Imps fans who lost their lives in the Bradford Fire. I hope, in some small way, that anything we can do to keep the name ‘Stacey West’ part of not only the club, but also the city, is a positive thing.

My overwhelming admiration and respect for everyone involved with Sunday League football doesn’t change and my only regret is I won’t be getting around every team as I tried last year. However, this is the next step in putting something back into the grass roots game and as someone who never played properly (due to being crap) I’m delighted to be able to help those who can!

Ladies and Gentleman, keep your eyes peeled for the exploits of Stacey West FC.

If anyone is interested in helping out Gavin and the lads possibly with help around the junior teams or women’s team, please do get in touch. This could be the start of something very exciting.