Three things we can thank Carlisle United for, but three things we can’t

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

This weekend sees the second visit from Carlisle United in the last few weeks, this time in our bid for a place in the FA Cup Third Round. 

Another home draw was a huge bonus, as is the chance to go toe to toe with a team that we’ve already played too. Much of Danny’s home work has been done and they’ll be able to deliver a message that is fairly fresh from a few weeks ago.

Over the years we’ve had some fantastic tussles with the Cumbrians, I recall us putting six past them on a final day, Tony Lormor bagging four. Mark Bailey bagged from the half way line one season too, didn’t he? Those were the days.

They’ve also handed us a fair few beatings, one early into Keith’s second reign and another as Michael Bridges netted in 2005/06. We’re old friends, or enemies depending on whether you’re an SLO or an old-school fan.

What, or rather who can we thank the Cumbrians for over the years? In addition, who or what do we offer them no thanks for at all? Who have they taken from us with success, or who have we had from them who has served us well?

Here’s Three things we can thank Carlisle United for, but three things we can’t.