Thanks / No Thanks: Everton

Thanks: Clive Nates

Clive has got to be the first thing we can thank Everton for. If you don’t know who Clive is, you’re on the wrong site.

Imps fans of a certain vintage will remember days of distrusting the club’s hierarchy, of believing the Imps didn’t want promotion because of the added cost. I was raised on the belief that we weren’t chasing third-tier football because of player wages and in the early eighties it was even more evident.

How long ago all that seems. Whilst the club will always attract criticism, nobody can believe that Clive has anything other than progression at heart. He’s almost too good to be true, a connected businessman who seems intent on keeping the charm and character of our club at its core, whilst building a board with business experience from around the world.

When you speak to Clive he tells you anything the club does will be measured, any expenditure will be with the long-term future in mind. There will be no rash decisions, no calculated gambles, no playing with fire.

All of this because Everton and Lincoln had a short link up almost two decades ago. Cheers Everton.