A League One striker is close; but who is it?


Danny Hylton


Courtesy Graham Burrell

If it is Hylton, which I’m not sure it is, I’m going to be in a dilemma. He’s a real bastard of a player, a wind up merchant of the highest order and someone who left an indelible mark on me when he scored the penalty in the scene above. He celebrated in front of us like he’d won the FA Cup and not long after, we were relegated.

He’s been linked with a move to Oxford United in the last few days, which is probably why there’s noise around a possible move now. I can see that being the only real link, the thought that he’s available and that Danny Cowley likes a coup.

Of course, we know Mick Harford is no stranger to the Imps and there’s a possible connection there. he’d be singing our praises and if Hylton is on the move, maybe there’s an outside chance he could come here.

I can’t see it, but then DC likes pulling rabbits out of hats.


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