SW Exclusive: Imps turn down several offers for players

I’ve been catching up with my club insider this evening, getting the lowdown on what is and is not happening. Whilst there’s one or two bits I can’t possibly share with you, I have been granted a green light to let you know we’ve been rebuking offers.

It would be remiss to discuss which players were coveted, but Danny tells me there’s been offers plural for some of our key players. These haven’t been from other clubs in our division either, these have been from bigger clubs. here’s the thing though; I’m told the players involved didn’t want to leave the club.

I appreciate this is a wishy-washy article without the usual names and rumours, but it would be wrong to start pointing at players we think might have been the subject of bids and it would have been wrong for me to be told who they are. That doesn’t matter, what is interesting is the players wanting to stay.

Our football club is in a position where we’re in League Two and our key men want to say and do the job with us. They want to be a part of what we are building, they want to work with our coaches and officials, they want to be at the training ground and crucially, they want to play in front of 9,000 fans every week, signing their name and supporting them through good times and bad.

It seemed odd to me that nobody had been the subject of interest, so to find out that there has been some and we’ve rebuked it is great. I’m delighted, it’s surely the first time since I’ve been a fan that we’ve been in such a strong position off the field as well as on it.

The League One striker we’re close to will, if it is tied up in time, bring something different to our existing forward line. We have Big John, a behemoth of a man who can hold the ball up but also plough a lone furrow up front, but right now we don’t have a ‘Matt Green’ figure who can do much of the running. I’m told we’re looking at a player who offers another dimension, who can partner John, drop in the ten or even play up top on his own.

Hopefully we’ll have more news soon, but rest assured Danny is happy with the way things are progressing. I confess I didn’t ask him if we’re signing Mo Eisa though because I want him to think I know what I’m talking about and asking him that would have been embarrassing!!