Welcome back to Sincil Bank: Lee Angol

The League One striker we’ve been in contact with all day is none other than Shrewsbury Town’s Lee Angol. 

He’s well-known to Imps fans for scoring a hat trick on his debut against Braintree as well as helping us towards National League promotion. Without glossing over the obvious, he’s also well-known for then moving to Mansfield Town on big money.

That didn’t work out for him and this season he’s been at the New Meadow, where he’s had decent impact. He’s not been prolific as the shrews have struggled, but he’s been involved in the first team set up. They’ve moved for Stefan Payne today and that’s freed up Angol to come here.

This is going to be a deal that divides the fans, but whatever happened in the past is to be put to one side. He’s a 24-year-old with a decent future ahead of him, someone who adds value and depth to our squad. He’s not a £1m striker from the Championship, but he is someone deemed good enough to feature regularly in a League One side this season.

I think talk of Mo Eisa, Danny Hylton and the like has clouded the judgement here. We were never going to get a replacement number 9, it’s why we paid big money for John Akinde in the summer. It was always going to be about adding to the group as a whole, which is what I wrote about a few weeks ago. it seems that fell on deaf ears though.

I can’t understand why there is negativity towards Lee as a player, just his contribution on the field being considered. He did well here, he helped us to the 3-1 win against Forest Green almost two years ago that turned the season around, that coming after we’d gone 1-0 down early doors. If we’d lost that we might not be where we are today. Sure, he then went off somewhere on more money, but why is that a bad thing? Would you?

If someone offered you more money to change jobs right now, would you go? If you did, would it be fair to call you a money grabber or cash motivated? Of course not and it’s not fair to label Lee as the same.

He won’t go into the first team, he’ll be on the bench looking to stretch defences in the dying embers of a game. He’ll work hard, he has to after seeing two moves not work out. He’s been an exciting talent and maybe he needs loving back to life. Danny and the team can do it off the field, but he will need motivation on the field too. 

I just hope we’re not about to find ourselves another scapegoat here, although I suppose if we are it takes the pressure off 12-goal John Akinde for a while, doesn’t it?



  1. Danny and Nicky have no bad feelings and clearly rate him as being a good team player who will compliment or divide the group. I would rather back their judgement rather than a few descenters on Social Media.

  2. Well said. I for one thought he was a good player who made a significant impact in our promotion year. Such that I was disappointed to see him go but not surprised given the offer of double your money and a club looking at promotion.

  3. How does this signing improve the squad. Not good enough for Shrewsbury in league one so how come he’s good enough for us in league one.

  4. Excellent signing,who will contribute wholeheartedly in the same manner as both Palmer and Green did. Just a shame that a bid hasn’t been accepted for Rhead from the Rose and Crown reserves in Division 7 of the Stoke Sunday League, the level at which he belongs.

  5. Don’t really get all the moaning – he’s been brought in as a back-up, he knows his way round the club, D&N clearly think he’ll slot back into the team personality-wise, and has been playing League One football without any injury concerns. Seems a good move to me.

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