Three key battles to keep an eye on this weekend


Alex Revell v Jason Shackell


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

This is the big one. This decides whether their threat is serious, or whether we restrict them to half chances. Alex Revell is a bloody great lump of a player, all elbows and aggression. He’s a top lad at this level and has been a handful ever since he turned pro. I imagine as he was born he gave his Mum a cheeky dig in the groin and claimed it wasn’t him.

He’s a focal point for everything they do and whilst they’re not solely route one, they’ll want to go into him quickly. If he gets the better of the aerial duel, his flick ons into the channel could cause issues. That’s where Shacks comes in.

I’ve said it before, Jason Shackell has no real business in League Two. If he can tie Revell up, meet him toe to toe on aggression and come out on top, they’ll struggle to create chances. If the burly front man wins the duel, they’ll get a couple of goes at our goal. It’s that simple.