Three key battles to keep an eye on this weekend


Michael Timlin v Michael O’Connor


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Joel Byrom and Michael Timlin tend to make up the two in the middle for Stevenage. We’ll look to flood that area, with the ten dropping back as well as the two midfielders we usually play occupying their opposite numbers. If we can win and retain the ball in those areas, we can bring the wide players into play quickly and look to utilise our pace.

This is where I see Michael O’Connor as a big threat this weekend. I’ve been hugely impressed with O’Connor all season and for me, he’s not far behind the likes of Bozzy as a possible Player of the Year. He works tirelessly, fights for everything and is as tenacious as a curry stain on a white polo shirt (trust me…).

Timlin is a battler, he’s been around and done it just like O’Connor and both men will want to be the heart beat of their team. Only one can dictate the game though and if our midfield marvel brings his A game, then we’ll win the match in this area. He breaks up play and looks left or right to pace and width, which is our main asset.