2 potential winners and losers from Michael Appleton’s appointment as manager

Winner: Jordan Adebayo-Smith

Could benefit: Jordan Adebayo-Smith -Courtesy Lincoln City FC

I’ve stated it once before in my analysis of the new man coming in, but surely a recall is on the cards for Adebayo-Smith.

There are several reasons for this. The nature of the squad means another forward would surely be welcomed; we have just two recognised strikers on our books and if there is a recall clause in the youngster’s deal then it’s likely Michael Appleton will want to get him back amongst the squad and on the bench where possible.

There could be a spanner in the works. If much of our youth policy was not only dictated by Danny, but also by Jez George, then perhaps the striker will remain at Boston. We were often told our pathway for young people was what attracted the likes of Joe Morrell and Jake Hesketh to the club, but at what point do we put the needs of our squad over the needs of Boston’s bench?

With EFL Trophy games coming up, surely Jordan Adebayo-Smith’s first team chances just took a huge boost.


  1. Interesting also if Vickers will keep his place. Probably yes as he is a bit better than Smith but very inconsistent too. His recent form is a joke and costed us many goals…..

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