2 potential winners and losers from Michael Appleton’s appointment as manager

Loser: Jason Shackell

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Our defence lacks pace, that’s something I mentioned before the recent changes and something I stick to right now. we were horribly exposed this weekend and I wonder if that’s done damage to veteran defender Shackell.

He was excellent last season and he adds a calmness to the back four, but in playing during the capitulation against Oxford, his first team place has to be brought into question. I wasn’t at the game, luckily, but having looked back he was certainly at fault for a goal or two. With that being the first live action Michael Appleton has seen, does it bode badly for Shackell?

Even if we don’t have the pace at the back, which we don’t, did Shacks provide enough of the fabled leadership and heart at the weekend that he did last season? We missed Bozzy and O’Connor, no doubt about that, but with his record should Jason Shackell have led by example a little more?

Or, as one of DC’s generals and senior professionals, is he likely to lose out now a new man is at the helm?


  1. Interesting also if Vickers will keep his place. Probably yes as he is a bit better than Smith but very inconsistent too. His recent form is a joke and costed us many goals…..

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