2 potential winners and losers from Michael Appleton’s appointment as manager

Winner: Cian Bolger

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I think plenty of us feel that Cian Bolger has bene unlucky; he did well at the start of the season but as soon as Shacks came back we shuddered before grinding to a halt. Bolger has played since and the team haven’t fired into life, but as the youngest of our centre backs, I wonder if perhaps he might become a staple of the first team now.

He’s perhaps no quicker than the two he’s in competition with, but even in recent defeats, I thought he played well. I didn’t see the Oxford game and I know few came out of that with anything other than egg on their face, but Bolger faced the press afterwards; that took gall. He’s not a confrontational man, he’s quietly spoken and perhaps withdrawn to a degree, but he showed courage off the field even if the side didn’t on it.

Bolger suffered by being third behind two of DC’s main men, but with a clean slate and a fresh pair of eyes, we might find the Irishman further forward in the first team plans.


  1. Interesting also if Vickers will keep his place. Probably yes as he is a bit better than Smith but very inconsistent too. His recent form is a joke and costed us many goals…..

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