2 potential winners and losers from Michael Appleton’s appointment as manager

With any change at the top comes a raft of new ideas, opinions and beliefs.

It’s easy to acknowledge that our previous regime had players who would almost always player, some who couldn’t buy a start or even possibly a tactic that would never be played. It’s accepted, especially when a team is doing well, but when that stops things change.

Image result for terry pratchett interesting timesIt leads to interesting times, although as Terry Pratchett once wrote; ‘may you never live through interesting times’. It’s a saying that’s rolled out whenever there’s upheaval, change and evolution. That’s what happening now. Evolution, Changes. Interesting times. Let’s hope one of my favourite authors is amiss with his interpretation of interesting times.

Whilst we didn’t have problems as such over the last three years, there are issues that perhaps we didn’t want to speak of, or perhaps haven’t become apparent until this season. There are some who might feel this new direction suits them a little more than the last, or players who will certainly benefit from the clean slate. I wonder if James Wilson wishes he’d stayed put for a couple of months because a slightly quicker defender would surely be one winner in the new era.

Could have come in from the cold – Courtesy Graham Burrell

I do think there are players who, deep down, will relish the fact they might be afforded more chances, a different role or just a chance to prove themselves once again. Similarly, there might be one or two who fear the worst having lost their safety net and standing in the side.

We speculate on two players who will surely benefit from the arrival of Michael Appleton, along with two who might not feel quite as comfortable as they did a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Interesting also if Vickers will keep his place. Probably yes as he is a bit better than Smith but very inconsistent too. His recent form is a joke and costed us many goals…..

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