Best of Loans Part 3 – The Best Loans?

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s been a while since I did parts one and two, which if you missed can be found on the links below.

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The third instalment of this feature is a look at five of the best loan deals we ever completed. Now, before I go into this too much, there are a few caveats. A couple of players miss out because of how unusual their loans were.

Firstly, there will be no Sean Raggett on here. I’m looking at players who came in and seriously affected the club’s fortunes or significantly improved the squad, but without having been previously seen in a Lincoln shirt. That means Raggs, who was a big presence for us in those first six months of the 2017/18 season, doesn’t make the list.

Another anomaly is Michael O’Connor. His first loan might have made him a contender, but as he later came back and played for the club I’m not going to include him. It’s harsh on O’Connor, who didn’t make the other lists by virtue of leaving after his loan and not signing years later. The same caveat applies to Tyrone Thompson, not that he would have made the list anyway. Sorry, Tyrone.

I’ve had to pick five players that I’ve seen too. That means loans from before October 1986 are not included on this list. We didn’t have that many anyhow, loans were not as common, but as this is a part-personal list, I couldn’t possibly start talking about Woodcock and Bowery or players like that.

I think we’ve covered everything. Please remember when adding comments that I’m not necessarily looking for the ‘best’ player, someone like Sergio Torres might have made the list, but his stay was short and his impact negligible despite him being popular and talented. I’m looking instead for players with lots to offer who really stand out for me.

There’s also an ‘honourable mention’ pages too, with some of the players I rated who didn’t make the cut. Ready?

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  1. He could have saved us from going down, if he had scored from the penalty spot at Barnet, after we came back from 3-0, to 3-2.

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