Four Lincoln City Players Who Played For The Wrong Manager

I’ve done articles like this before, looking at players who played for one manager when another style and philosophy might have proved more fruitful for them.

Usually, I pick several players who should have played for another manager, swapping Danny Cowley players and Keith Alexander players in the past. Sometimes you see a player and just know they would have done well in a different system or with different teammates.

You know the sort of player I mean: the little forward who just didn’t suit Danny Cowley’s big number nine requirement or the slick midfielder who found himself bypassed by a long ball Lincoln of the mid-noughties. Even now, I think of players from the past who didn’t settle at Lincoln who would be a perfect fit for Michael Appleton’s style.

Whether they were prevented from playing for the right manager by time, circumstance or some other reason, here are four players and the managers perhaps they would have thrived under.

(You can tell we haven’t had a game for a while and that this week I haven’t had time to do the player interview for the programme either…. all filler, no killer…)


  1. Simon Yeo in Micheal Appleton’s team now, just think he would fit in well with the way MA wants to play.

  2. A YOUNG Lee Frecklington in Michael Appleton’s team. What a waste in Danny Cowley’s team, spending most games watching the ball sail backwards and forwards over his head.

  3. Now I know why I never progressed beyond village football level as a player. I just did not have the right manger – if only I had Sir Alex, I could have been a Bobby Charlton look alike!

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