Lincoln City’s First £1m Player – Previous Candidates

Dany N’Guessan


Courtesy Graham Burrell

N’Guessan appeared on the Top 100 Players of a Generation list, and anyone who saw him on his day knows why. He turned up at the Bank a little raw but packed with undeniable talent. When I think of my ‘ideal’ footballer I think of a strong and powerful winger, equally as comfortable playing through the middle. They’ll have the raw physique to get them through, but they’ll have a splash of flair and trickery about them too. Crucially they would be a goal threat and always show an exemplary attitude and complete commitment to the cause. Dany N’Guessan was almost that footballer. Almost.

Had he been that footballer, complete with the right attitude and work rate, he could easily have been a big export for us. The trap we often fell into was awarding players 18 month or two-year deals, and as soon as they hit form be worrying whether they’d sign another contract. Maybe, if it hadn’t been for Jean-Marc Bosman we might have our £1m player by now. Even without the Belgian, it wouldn’t have been N’Guessan.

Dany lacked the all-important quality that we desperately needed: consistency. He didn’t always seem to want it, and on the rare occasions he did, he was great. He had six goals in ten games in his final year at the club, oddly when he was free to talk to bigger clubs. His subsequent move to Leicester didn’t pan and he drifted around for much of his career, a sad example of wasted talent.

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