Lincoln City’s First £1m Player – Previous Candidates

Alex Woodyard


Courtesy Graham Burrell

My shout on Alex going for £1m will always be wrong and I know there will be some of you reading this now thinking ‘him and Alex…. seriously’. I still stand by my belief he could go on to make us a lot of money, but the truth is I was misguided.

Not because of a lack of talent, no matter what the doubters say. In the 2016/17 season, he was awesome, hard-working, diligent and doing the running of two players. He was the pass before the assist, the tackle before the key run, the engine powering the supercar of the National League. Therein you could find my reasoning behind believing he’d make us a million, and therein lies the problem. That type of player, unless they’re Premier League, simply don’t fetch big sums. How many times has a grafting midfielder been valued at seven figures in our division? I keep hearing it about Ben Whiteman, but he’s still with Doncaster whilst Dickie, Toney, Fosu, Baptiste and the like all moved onwards and upwards. Sadly, a fit and energetic workhorse can always be found somewhere in the Championship, and that would have been the only club likely to pay seven figures for a League Two player.

Still, a great player for us.

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