5 Memorable Matches Between the Imps and Oxford

Its all to easy to think of Oxford, and remember one single game.

Sadly, that is what I remember. Still, over a year since it happened, the 6-0 sticks in my mind. We’ve beaten them since, on the opening day of this season, and they beat us at their place Christmas 2019, but I still remember that 6-0 defeat. What’s worse is I wasn’t even there, I had a holiday booked in Northumberland. That is how much it stings.

I do remember some other tussles with Oxford though, and so I thought I’d delve back into the archives for this Wednesday afternoon and find something uplifting for you to read. I haven’t just picked wins either, but a draw, a loss and three occasions that City got the better of the Us. Oddly, the main article picture isn’t from a game I’ve selected, it’s from our 1-0 win there in 2004/05. We won at the Kassam twice in succession if I recall correctly, 03/04 and 04/05, both 1-0, Richard Logan and Franny Green scoring on those occasions.

I haven’t picked anything from the Manor Ground, but we were the first Football league opponents of Oxford on their old ground, You can read more about our history there by picking up Malcolm Johnson’s article on it here.

Those games are not in this article, not are out wins at the Kassam, but I’m sure there is one you remember well. Enjoy.