SW Podcast 126 Out Now: Charlton, Peterborough and Two Little Boys

It’s time for another podcast, the third in around eight days. That’s consistent output for you, right there.

If you missed the Bubs special, then you can get it here. If you struggled as it was technically a foreign language podcast, you could try slowing it down to half speed, that does make it easier to understand I’m told.

What’s up this week? well, there is some football on it, a bit about Charlton, a bit about Wimbledon and a bit about play-offs. We’ve got Ben’s toy shelf too, and a rather angry Gary defends a beloved childhood song which left him a bit angry for a good two hours afterwards (I should know, as it’s me).

Listen. don’t, it’s your call, but I imagine if you’ve come this far you’ll dip your toe in.